2021 Voting Membership Plan


YDHR Voting Membership:  YDHR Voting Membership fees are $50.00, plus tax. This membership also includes 10% off any purchases in our retail stores, which you must provide your membership card at checkout.

All memberships expire every December, and in order to stay active, must be renewed by the end of January. You need a Membership ID Number and a valid YDHR Membership Card to vote and attend membership meetings. Meeting and renewal notices will be sent to you through the email that you provided on your application.

Important: On your receipt you will find a purchase ID number. This number will be a part of your receipt but also represent your YDHR Membership ID number. If you fail to provide your correct mailing address you will need to provide a piece of picture ID and your Membership ID number to pick up your membership card. Membership cards are required to attend physical membership meetings. Memberships cannot be sold or transferred, there are no proxies allowed. No refunds or exchanges allowed.

  • Description

    Product Description

    One year membership for YDHR Voting Member. Your membership will need to be renewed each year. You will receive email notices through the email entered on your application, with links to renew. 

    On your receipt you’ll have an purchase ID number. This number will also act as your YDHR Membership ID number. When you receive your membership card, this number will also be represented on your card. You’ll need your card to attend physical meetings. If we are unable to send your card, you’ll need to pick up your card and provide a piece of picture ID and your receipt with the Purchase ID number on it.

    NOTE: This membership can not be sold or transferred. There will be no proxies allowed. No refunds. You will not be added to the YDHR voting database which gives you voting privileges without purchasing your membership. If you do not submit the information form, your purchase will be considered a non-receipted donation. Its very important to submit your information form before purchasing. Thank you for following both of these important steps.