Membership Plans

We care about our Heritage Trains and we want this organization to continue for our children and grandchild to enjoy to many years to come. YDHR has a positive financial impact in the Uxbridge community and we want to work closely with YDHR active members to create great connections within the local community as well as other neighboring communities.

The YDHR Board Members influence the direction of YDHR, working closely with John Perk, the Executive Director of YDHR, who also is a voting member. In order to become a voting member, you need to have an active membership that renews every year. Note: It is the member’s responsible to keep their membership continuously active. If your membership lapses, you will need to repurchase/ apply for your membership. This could affect your ability to vote if the lapse falls within a time of voting and you do not have an active membership.

On your invoice, your purchase ID number will also act as your Membership ID Number. In order to keep your membership constantly active. Our membership plan is $40, plus tax. Please keep your yearly invoice as proof of your membership purchase and record your current purchase ID number as your YDHR Membership number for the year when it was purchased. When you renew your membership, your ID number will change.

Please select the following Membership Plan:

1 year Voting Membership – Automatically renews annually


$40.00 HST Number: 886074798RT0001