Membership Information

  • Why Become a Member

    We care about our Heritage Trains and we want this organization to continue for our children and grandchildren to enjoy for many years to come. YDHR has a positive financial impact in the Uxbridge community and we want to work closely with YDHR active members to create great connections within the local community as well as other neighbouring communities.

  • Member Responsibilities

    Each year, members must renew by January. YDHR will send all membership cards to the information provided on the application form. This card will contain their Membership ID number. This needs to be presented at our retail stores in order for you to receive 10% off your purchases.

    It's important to keep your membership continuously active. If a membership lapses, you will need to repurchase/ apply for your membership. This could affect the ability to vote if the lapse falls within a time of voting and you do not have an active membership. You must agree and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the York-Durham Heritage Railway Association before purchasing your membership. Each member must obtain their own membership. There are no proxies or transfers. There are no exchanges or refunds.

  • Two Types of Memberships

    There are two types of Members:

    If you are new, your initial membership application will need to be approved by the YDHR Board, who will contact you with how to purchase. If approved, you will receive further information to complete your membership purchase. NOTE: You will need to hold a membership for one year before you can have voting privileges.

    You must first submit your existing application information, then move on to renew your membership.

  • Cost to become a Member

    Our membership fee is $50 (per person), plus tax. This cost includes 10% off any purchases in our retail stores.

    Please remember to keep your yearly receipt as proof of your membership purchase and record your current Purchase ID number as your YDHR Membership number for the year when it was purchased. When you renew your membership, your ID number will change.

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