Updated: Thursday, April 7, 2020
YDHR Updated on COVID-19

Dear Guests and Friends of the Railway

In my last communication with you, we promised to keep you updated as things changed within our organization with events, and our upcoming schedule.

As a father to a toddler myself, and with the arrival of my 2nd child at the end of this month; I understand like many of you, how hard these times might be, and how so much uncertainty is surrounding these difficult times. However, we know that as we practice all the government recommendations, we will see the curve flatten, and better days are ahead for us all. With all of that being said, and with our discussions with the tourism officials and government representatives, we are expecting a launch date of July 2nd to our season.

Even with a July 2nd start date, I want you to know the following measures will be implemented within YDHR from July- mid October:

  • We will reduce capacity in all of our coaches by 40%
  • We will be placing hand washing and sanitation stations all throughout our grounds
  • We will have an onsite medic for all activities and events
  • Our line ups and ques will be measured for social distancing as directed

As you can imagine these additional measures not only create more cost and staff requirements, but they also make our events very limited in the number of guests per event. It will cause many of our events to sell out very quickly. We want you to know that we are doing our part to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family, at all costs.

Given the new capacity limits, we know that the demand for our annual sold out events will be even more demand, and for those who want to keep up with your traditions or family activities, we encourage you to book now for the summer and fall so you will not be disappointed when the event sells out.

Important info regarding postponed events

Lastly, I want to comment to all of you who have booked events from March – July 2nd. These events have not been cancelled but postponed to when the railway is allowed to once again opens our doors. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds, under any condition, for postponed events. That being said, we will offer YDHR credits in the event that the new date do not work with your schedule. These YDHR credits must be used by Nov 2nd, 2020, or they will expire. See below for our updated seasonal schedule so you can see the upcoming fun that we have planned.

I want you to know we are doing everything we can to ensure this railway survives these difficult times. And when this ends, we will once again provide fun adventures for you and your families.

Our office is currently operating via a skeleton crew, and we are checking our voicemails as often as we can, we will respond as soon as we are able.

Looking forward to building great memories we will all share together very soon!

Stay Safe,

John G. Perks
Executive Director
York-Durham Heritage Railway