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Did you know that Lucy Maude Montgomery lived just outside of Uxbridge for 15 years? YDHR has partnered with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society in Leaskdale to present a very special event. We invite Maud enthusiasts to come on-board for our first High Tea With Lucy Maud Montgomery, beginning as soon as you leave the Uxbridge Station at 10:00 am. YDHR and the LMMS are presenting an action-filled day starting with a 3-course High Tea on the train, followed by an afternoon tour of the manse where she lived with her children and husband, minister of the local Presbyterian Church.

An interesting tidbit… after a 6 week honeymoon tour of the British Isles, Ewan Macdonald and Lucy Maud Montgomery arrived in Toronto on Sunday, September 24th, 1911 and took the 5 o’clock train to Uxbridge…this would be the first of many trips by train to and from the Uxbridge Train Station during the 15 years that they lived in Leaskdale including Maud having her favourite cat Daffy shipped from PEI to Uxbridge.

Upon arriving back in Uxbridge, everyone will de-board the train, jump into their cars, and proceed onto the manse located in the nearby hamlet of Leaskdale for their very own tour. Tours start at 1:45 and 2:00 and are approximately 1 hour; you will need to show your boarding pass for admittance. Have fun!

Fare – $58.99

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